The Sims Mobile How To Get Divorced 2018

Is your husband/wife getting on your nerves? Has the new neighbour got your attention? If you feel the time has come to part ways with your partner in The Sims Mobile then watch this video for the step by step instructions on how to end it with your other half. The Sims Mobile How to Get Divorced!

Things to note: You must finish all on-going stories before proceeding!

Once your story has finished, select your Sim, scroll to the bottom to More Options and under “Rival” you’ll see Divorce. Now click Start Event 😢

You’ll now have 30 minutes to sort out the divorce. Once complete you’ll actually get some rewards and relationship points.

Now you can feel free to let your Sims go on their way and find new relationships for each other.

If you really wanted to, you can actually get your two Sims back together again but it does take some time as they’ll be ‘enemies’ for a while. Just keep talking to each other and try to become friends again until you’re no longer enemies.

I think it’d be nice to have an amicable divorce added into The Sims Mobile – not every divorce ends in a bad way, sometimes they’re under a mutual agreement or understanding.

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