Huawei P20 Pro Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Ultra Hybrid Case

The P20 Pro comes with a factory-fitted screen protector. Sadly it’s not tempered glass so it can scratch reasonably easily and it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet. Luckily the well-known Spigen brand has a tempered glass protector for the P20 Pro that fits like a dream…

This is a video of me attempting to fit the new protector without any dust particles…Sadly my application didn’t go quite to plan but it’s a lovely protector and definitely worth the money.

If you want to purchase this screen protector then feel free to use one of my affiliate links:

Spigen P20 Pro Screen Protector
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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case
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I’ve also got the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. This is a clear case which shows off the phone’s beautiful colours – it’s not the prettiest of cases but it does the job well and adds grip and good all-round protection to the phone. The case does help a lot with the camera bump at the back but you can still rock the phone very slightly if you try. This doesn’t affect the ability to be able to text and use the phone on a flat surface however.