The Sims Freeplay How To Sell Items Quickly

Here’s an update to my video from last year on The Sims Freeplay How To Sell Items Quickly. Since that video, EA changed the way items are sold – not by much, but enough to be annoying. Here are the new steps you can follow (on Android only) to sell your items quicker. Please note you can now view my previous post to see the original method which now works again.

In my glitch video the user “evan51298” commented about an app called Tapping – Auto Clicker (…) this app allows you to set up a macro of clicks on your screen. This means you can set up multiple clicks to quickly sell all the items in your inventory. It’ll still take some time but it’s better than doing it manually! In my previous video I showed the Sims Freeplay money cheat which allows you to duplicate items:… If you follow that video, you can use this nice little app to then sell the items off. Thanks again “Ev an” for the tip 👍 Please subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future 🙂

Thanks for reading my post on The Sims Freeplay How To Sell Items Quickly – I hope you enjoyed it and just let me know if you have any problems down below!