Android Auto Not Connecting To Car – Fixed

Do you have a problem where android auto not connecting to carThe Samsung Galaxy S10 is this year’s current flagship but even if that’s the case there are issues with Android Auto and MirrorLink which means it does not connect to in-car “infotainment” systems. In comparison to the Galaxy S8, which works fine, this is a bit of a disaster.

This is now resolved. The details are below for both Android Auto and MirrorLink. If you find you need or want to try a new USB cable here is an Anker one I ordered from Amazon which I can confirm is 100% compatible with Android Auto, MirrorLink and even Fast Charge!

How to fix Android Auto not connecting to car!

Edit: 11/08/2019 I now have Android Auto working in my car! 😀😎

These are the steps I went through to get it working:

1) First reset your phone’s settings. This only resets the settings of your phone, not your data so all files, pics, music etc will remain. Things like your display settings, saved WiFi connections etc will disappear though so make sure you have these noted down somewhere.

Settings – General management – Reset – Reset settings

2) Now restart your phone and and re-join your WiFi network

3) Use the original Samsung cable that came with your phone – note that even though the cable I was using worked fine with the S8 it STILL does NOT work with the S10 – I have no idea why this is. The original Samsung USB cable is quite thin in comparison to the 3rd party cable I was using. If you want to try a compatible cable then I can confirm this Anker one here works 100%:

4) Plug in and give your phone a chance to be detected by the car

5) Load Android Auto and see if it now works! Note that I still can’t get MirrorLink to work but I haven’t played around with it fully yet.

Android Auto not connecting to car comments?

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