How to fix Samsung MirrorLink and Android Auto

As I posted some time ago I had some major problems getting my Galaxy S10 to work in my new car with MirrorLink and Android Auto. In fact, neither would work at all. Now however with some help from Samsung and some help from YouTube, both are working perfectly 😊 The fixes for both are below:

How to fix Android Auto on the Galaxy S10

These are the steps I went through to get it working:

1) First reset your phone’s settings. This only resets the settings of your phone, not your data so all files, pics, music etc will remain. Things like your display settings, saved WiFi connections etc will disappear though so make sure you have these noted down somewhere.
Settings > General management > Reset > Reset settings
2) Now restart your phone and and re-join your WiFi network
3) Use the original Samsung cable that came with your phone – note that even though the cable I was using worked fine with the S8 it STILL does NOT work with the S10 – I have no idea why this is. The original Samsung USB cable is quite thin in comparison to the 3rd party cable I was using. If you find you need or want to try a new USB cable here is an Anker one I ordered from Amazon which I can confirm is 100% compatible with Android Auto, MirrorLink and even Fast Charge!
4) Plug in and give your phone a chance to be detected by the car
5) Load Android Auto and see if it now works!

How to fix Samsung MirrorLink 1.1
(thanks to Eugeniu Petrescu)
Here’s how to fix MirrorLink on Galaxy phones:

1) Go to Settings – Apps
2) Now click the 3-dot menu in the top left and select Show System Apps
3) Find Samsung Mirror Link 1.1 and go in and clear the storage data (this will also clear cache).
4) Restart the phone and connect it to the car
5) MirrorLink should pop up and say it needs to download a certificate – download it.
6) Once done, select MirrorLink in your car and it should say you need to set up Car Mode.
7) Disconnect the phone and load Car Mode from your Apps screen. Go through the setup and then reconnect to your car – you should now be up and running 😊👍