S20 Ultra vs S10 Plus – Speed Test – Samsung Galaxy

S20 Ultra vs S10 Plus – Speed Test! Face to face today we have Samsung’s latest and greatest Galaxy S20 Ultra vs last year’s S10 Plus. This test is to see how fast each phone can load apps and games. Also whether or not the amount of RAM they have affects the ability to resume apps. The results are quite interesting…

It’s really quite shocking how similar the results were from this test. I was expecting much more from the S20 Ultra considering it’s Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship phone. I didn’t expect it would be so comparable to the Galaxy S10+. Since the video was filmed, Epic have now updated Fortnite on the S20 Ultra to include the EPIC graphics mode. This should have been there from the start. That’s if Samsung really wanted to show off the power of the Exynos 990 CPU. It’s more like to be Epic not pulling their finger out but you’d think Samsung would have pushed them.


I’m disappointed with the S20 Ultra. It’s extra size, cost and weight really don’t make it a sensible upgrade. That along with all the camera issues, really makes me wish I’d gone for the S20 Plus instead.

I did do a dedicated gaming test I did here so you can see how it compares with just games. Also worth checking out, is the battery drain test I did of the S20 Ultra here.

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