Egg NS Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android & Gamesir X2 Free Giveaway

Enter the free giveaway to win the Gamesir X2! In this video we’re taking a look at Egg NS Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android. Egg NS is an app which only works on the Gamesir X2 controller so you must have one before you can use the emulator. That’s why I’m giving mine away for one lucky viewer! Further instructions are below.

Egg NS is a relatively new emulator which emulates the Nintendo Switch and allows you to play backups of your games on the move (in case you forget to take your Switch with you? 🤔) In this video I try out a few games and see how they perform on my Lenovo Legion Pro phone. The Legion Pro has the Snapdragon 865+ processor which handles things really well in my opinion.

The first game is Diablo III which works very nicely. The framerate is around 40FPS which is very playable. The second game is Resident Evil 0 – this isn’t actually officially supported but I thought I’d give it a try – it works reasonably well but the cutscenes seem to lag a bit sometimes. Last but not least is a Sega Ages game – Out Run. This runs and a beautiful 60FPS 😍


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01:08 Diablo III Gameplay
07:27 Resident Evil 0
11:05 Out Run
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