Galaxy S21 Camera Test May Update – 2100 vs 888

Another month, another Galaxy S21 Camera Test! How are the Exynos and Snapdragon Galaxy S21’s looking in the May update? I’ve also included a new test in this month’s videos – a 30 minute ‘stress test’ to see how the temperatures compared between the two whilst shooting 30 minutes of 4K footage.

Last month we saw some pretty horrendous night mode shots from the Exynos so have things improved this month? Let’s find out and let me know your thoughts below.

00:00 Daytime Video
01:38 Daytime Zoom Test
02:44 Daytime Video
04:27 Daytime Zoom Test
05:09 Daytime Video
05:47 Daytime Front Video
07:11 Daytime Ultra-wide
08:36 Daytime Zoom Test
10:40 Ducks
12:00 Horizontal Video
13:30 Daytime Photos
15:15 Night Video
17:07 Night Zoom Test
20:36 Night Ultra wide
21:16 Night Front Video
21:54 Night Photos
23:19 30 min Stress Test
25:20 Final Thoughts

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