Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Gaming Test – PUBG, COD, Genshin, Fortnite

With its huge 7.6″ foldable display, is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the perfect gaming phone? Let’s find out in this gaming test. PUBG, Genshin Impact, COD Mobile, Fortnite and Asphalt 9 are the games being tested today. Powered by the Snapdragon 888 and the Adreno 660 the Fold 3 is one of the most powerful Android phones on the market. Let’s try out some of the most popular games and see how they look.

00:00 PUBG
04:57 COD Mobile
10:00 Genshin Highest 60FPS
12:16 Genshin Medium 60FPS
13:29 Genshin Lowest 60FPS
14:49 Fortnite
20:02 Asphalt 9

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