Fossibot F101 Pro Rugged Phone Review (Rear Screen, Camera, Gaming)

The F101 Pro is the latest Rugged phone from Fossibot which boasts a rear display and 10,600mAh battery – all for a very cheap price! Is this phone for you? Let’s find out!

Fossibot F101 Pro official website:
Buy the Fossibot F101 Pro Aliexpress (affiliate link):

00:00 Intro
00:28 Unboxing
01:13 Specifications
03:04 Pre-installed apps
04:15 Benchmarks
04:37 Rear Display Features
07:20 Customising Rear Display
09:06 Rear Video Test
10:09 Front Video Test
10:46 Photo Test
11:14 FM Radio
11:45 Gaming: New State
12:01 Gaming: COD Mobile
12:20 Gaming: Genshin Impact
12:39 Waterproof Test
13:20 Speaker Test
13:56 Final Thoughts

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