The Galaxy s9 Concept and what it should be


Doesn’t that picture look nice? Yes it’s a mock-up concept picture but can you see the fingerprint reader?! It’s on the screen! It’s working through the glass! Or at least that’s what Samsung has desperately been trying to get working for the last few years.

I believe they’ll do it and they’ll do it before Apple do it because Apple are going down the face recognition route (personally I think that’s the wrong way to go).

If the S9 gets it right and has a better battery it’ll likely be the best phone ever made.

I am going to put this out there but I think the Bixby button will probably not make a recurrence as so many people seem to hate it. Personally I don’t mind it for all the times I press it on purpose because I actually use it for my news feed. On the times I press it when I’m just putting my phone down it can be quite frustrating but that can all be covered on another topic.

The S9 could be Samsung’s answer to what they’ve been trying to achieve since the days of the Galaxy S3 – fluidity. A seamless and smooth rounded screen of a phone all in one package. 5 years ago the technology just wasn’t there to achieve this – but now, we’re getting ever so close to it being there.

I’m not sure there are going to be as many other advancements as we proceed in the smartphone world. Cameras are almost perfect, screens are beautiful and they are compact enough that they don’t burden us. Batteries are ever-improving (Graphene anyone?) and I think this’ll be the next big thing which manufacturers will be trying to sell on.

I’m sure it was a Nokia 7xxx or 9xxx back in the early 2000s that had a battery which lasted 30 days. If we can bring back that kind of stamina in a modern smartphone then I’m 90% sure that would be a selling point for the majority of people.

What do you think? Are you excited for a piece of glass that can read your fingerprint or are you just after longer battery life? Or just something completely different? Be sure to share your views below.