Samsung takes a blow at Apple with another great Galaxy advert

Samsung have never been shy to take a poke at Apple.

We all remember when the Galaxy S3 launched and they showed how Android users already had all the features (and more) that the Apple fans were queuing up for. If you haven’t seen the video then check it out: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

So 5 years on and it was a pleasant surprise to see yet another video from Samsung; this time regarding the Note 8.

This video shows the life of a young man who starts with his first iPhone in 2007. It depicts all the struggles he has throughout his mobile phone journey from iPhone to iPhone until he finally gives in – and buys a Galaxy Note 8.

Below are some snippets from the ad which are the main digs at Apple which should make you smile 🙂

It’s quite amusing to watch even if you don’t have a Samsung phone, the official video is below. What did you think of this video? Did it put the point across or was it just a cheap stab at a very successful company? I personally think it’s a great tongue-in-cheek poke between two giant companies who have always had a strong rivalry.