HTC U11 Life Android Oreo Update now available – just not everywhere

VP of HTC’s Product Management Mo Versi, announced yesterday that Android Oreo is now available to download for the HTC U11 Life.

Great news! Well, you’d think so but the tweet was met with frustrations from European and Eastern HTC users:

mo versi android oreo htc u11 life announcement
Some users were getting quite frustrated by the lack of response


It appears that HTC are somewhat lagging behind where it comes to updating their handsets for European/Eastern customers and the lack of response from Mo Versi understandably caused frustration amongst the crowd.

I don’t currently have an up-to-date HTC handset but by the look of it, even the HTC 10 is still waiting recent security updates.

All it would take to keep customers content (or quiet) is a simple response by Mo but it appears that may not happen.

It’s sad to see things like this (having been a big HTC fan years ago). I want them to do well (always go for the underdog eh?) but failing at simple things like communication is not the way to go.