Pixel 2 headphone jack adaptor issues

Something I read today made me chuckle to myself. An article on Phandroid explained how some Pixel 2 users are struggling to get their 3.5mm headphone adaptors working on their Pixel 2 phones.

Apparently Google have said the issue “will be addressed in a future OTA update”.

Now, call me old-fashioned but how ironic is it that when they plug in their headphone adaptor in to listen to some music but it still comes out of the phone’s speaker? I’m not sure who asked for the headphone jack to disappear but I’m just hoping that most mobile manufacturers do NOT follow suit. It may take up a little bit of extra real estate inside the phone, but, for the ease of use, accessibility and compatibility – please just keep them in.

I have 3 headsets for my phone.

1 at home
1 in the car
1 at the office

They cost 99p each and I just use them for calling.

To try and have to remember to carry a little adaptor/dongle with me everywhere would be a nightmare!

I think we’ll know that we’re all doomed if/when Samsung ever decide to copy Apple and remove the trusty 3.5mm headphone jack. Do you remember when they removed the microSD card slot? Now that didn’t go down too well at all…