Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei P20 Pro Video Stabilisation & Noise Test

This is a quick video stabilisation and noise cancellation test between the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the Huawei P20 Pro. The videos were recorded at a resolution of 1080p at 30FPS for consistency.

It’s quite interesting to see how each phone copes walking down steps and hills. Overall I’d say the P20 Pro does an excellent job except for when it seems to stop stabilising at one point. Also, although the noise cancelling on the S10 Plus is better for the wind, it does mean you miss out on some of the crunches of my footsteps on the ground/gravel. It was a particularly windy day when filming so I would imagine you’d hear a bit more in a quieter environment.

Which phone did you prefer the video on? I’m edging toward the P20 Pro in terms of overall quality. There definitely seems to be more of a bounce on the S10 Plus’ videos whereas the P20 Pro seems smoother. I also noticed a more grainy video on the S10 Plus in comparison to the P20 Pro…Let me know your thoughts down below and be sure to Like and Subscribe for more videos in the future! 😊👍