Samsung Galaxy S10 Firmware & Security Update – September 2019

OK so September’s Galaxy S10 firmware update is a bit more exciting than last month’s security-only update 🙂 There are a lot more features and improvements of which I have listed below:

A new Camera function has been added: Live focus, Live focus video, AR Doodle, Night (for front camera), Super steady

Added new feature – Link to Windows, Dynamic Lock screen, DeX for PC

Improved performance – Video Editor

The update comes in at 588.09MB and also includes the 1st September 2019 security patch.

It’s interesting to see that the new Night Mode has been added to the front-facing camera, something I don’t remember seeing on a camera before (unless my memory is gong!). It will also be interesting to try out the better aperture in the wide-angle lens during Night shots too to see if there is a noticeable improvement.

Link to Windows is exactly what it says it is. A link to the Windows Phone app in the Play Store – not very interesting. What is interesting however is DeX for PC support over USB-C. This will allow you to connect your S10 to your PC and have a ‘desktop like experience’ from your phone…

Samsung Galaxy S10 Firmware & Security Update – September 2019