Glap Android Controller Emulator Test – Dreamcast, PSP, N64, GC +more!

The Glap Android Controller is great for emulators – This video shows 7 different emulators in use all using the built-in controls – no other apps are required to get this to work 👌 Here’s the controller I was using in the video (Glap Controller) on Amazon:

The emulators tested are as follows:

Dreamcast Emulator – redream
PSP Emulator – PPSSPP
PS1 Emulator – ePSXe
N64 Emulator – Mupen64Plus FZ
GameCube Emulator – Dolphin Emulator
MegaDrive Emulator – SuperMD
SNES Emulator – Snes9x EX+

All the emulators work great except for the Dolphin Emulator which currently has quite a bit of lag and several audio issues.

I’ve customised the controls from within the apps to ensure they work the way I want/expect them too. For example, Perfect Dark on the N64 required a bit of fiddling around to get the movement and direction how I would expect from a modern dual analogue controller.

I will be releasing a separate video for each emulator with longer gameplay footage so you can help make up your mind whether you think this controller is worth the purchase. I will put links in this video’s description once they’re done.

Let me know if you have any queries down below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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