How To Activate Panda Gamepad Pro Android

Here’s an updated post and video on how to activate Panda Gamepad Pro Android app.

I’ve had quite a lot of questions from my previous video so I thought I would iron the most common comments and queries.

How to Activate Panda Gamepad

Step 1

Install the Panda Gamepad Pro app from the Google Play Store. Yes, this is a paid app and there is no free version available.

Step 2

Download the following ZIP file and save it somewhere on your PC:

By default it will go to your Downloads folder but I’ve put mine on my Desktop to make it easier to see. Yes this only works on Windows PCs. ZIP files do not require any additional/special software to open them.

Step 3

Double click on the ZIP file you downloaded and then drag the folder onto the Desktop.

Step 4

Enable USB Debugging on your phone. This is done by going into your Settings > About Phone > Build number > then tap it 7 times to become a developer. Once this is done you should now see “Developer options” in your Settings screen. Go into it and then find USB Debugging – ensure it is switched ON.

Step 5

Plug in your phone via USB and, if you can, set the mode to “Charge Only”. Not all phones let you do this so if the option isn’t available just set it to ‘Transfer files’ if possible. You should hear the sound of a new USB device being detected by Windows. If not, please check your cable or try another USB cable. If your phone doesn’t install correctly you may need to download drivers from your phone manufacturer.

Step 6

Load the Panda Gamepad Pro app and press the red “Need activation” link. Now click the Orange/Yellow “Active Now” button

Step 7

Double-click on the Activate.bat file and wait for the Panda Gamepad App to activate. You should get a confirmation message on the screen. Click the “Done” button in the top right of Panda Gamepad Pro when done.

That’s it! You’re all done. Now make sure your gamepad is connected and load up your favourite game!

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