Editing a video on the Galaxy S10 Plus in Adobe Rush with Samsung Dex

Here’s how I shot and edited a video on my Samsung Galaxy S10 using Samsung Dex and Adobe Rush For Samsung. This proves that you can actually get rid of your Desktop PC and just use your mobile smart phone to do…well, everything!

Would I recommend this? Well, no not personally – yet – but the fact is that it is possible. I think with some more refining of the app it could become much easier to use and work with.

Here’s the USB C to HDMI Adaptor affiliate link on Amazon:

What do you think of Adobe Rush and Dex? Is it a combination that you’d use? Let me know down below!

To watch the final result from this edit, click here: https://www.androidaddicts.online/index.php/2019/10/19/step-by-step-how-to-activate-panda-gamepad-pro-android/

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Music: www.bensound.com