The Sims Freeplay – A Bumpy Ride 9 Day Pregnancy Event & Support Tasks

This is a full walkthrough of The Sims Freeplay 9 Day Pregnancy Event in the “A Bumpy Ride” and “Two and a Half Sims” Quests. This will show you every goal and task you need to complete the pregnancy and also how long each one will take. I also go through the bonus Support Tasks which will help you get additional maternity tokens to spend in the Maternity Store!

Here’s a bit of advice before starting this – it will take a LONG time! You need to have some serious dedication to get through the event and additional support tasks. Whenever possible, have multiple Sims perform actions to make things quicker. You’ll see I purchase multiple phones, stoves and computers to help get through some of them!

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If you manage to do it all in the 9 days then congratulations! 😀

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