The Sims Freeplay How To Get Married and Have a Baby (2020)

Welcome to the 2020 edition of How to get married and have a baby in The Sims Freeplay! This includes the “Love Is In The Air” and “Two and a Half Sims” Quests. These are the step-by-step instructions showing you how to complete them both.

In this year’s video I go through the steps in real-time to ensure they’re easier to follow. I do have unlimited lifepoints and simoleons to make sure I can skip through tasks so if you’re interested in that too the check out my other video here:

If you want to complete the full Pregnancy event then be sure to check out my “The Sims Freeplay A Bumpy Ride 9 Day Pregnancy Event & Support Tasks” here.

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Here are the full steps required to complete this video:

Buy a toilet

Use a toilet

You’re now Level 2 + 1LP (Total 1LP)

Wash hands in sink

Expand a room (cost free)

Add flooring (cost free)

Add some wallpaper (cost free)

You’re now Level 3 + 1LP (Total 2LPs)

Buy a lamp (cost free)

Move an object

Browse clothes in the wardrobe

Buy a garden patch (cost free)

Grow some bell peppers (cost free)

 You’re now Level 4 + 1LP (Total 3LPs)

Claim your Daily Reward

Collect revenue on the town map

Build a workplace (Fire Station) (cost free, finish instantly for 0LPs)

Get a Sim a job at the fire station

Add a new Sim (cost free, finish instantly for 0LPs)

Inspire a Sim by using a cupcake

Place a clock from the inventory

 You’re now Level 5 + 1LP (Total 4LPs)

Open SimTracker

Call a Sim over

Switch Sim selection

Be funny to a Sim

Build the park (Requires: 4 mins, $500, 2 sims – (Requires 1LP to skip))

You’re now Level 6 + 1LP (Total 5LPs)

Watch Sim Chef on TV (Requires: 3 mins)

Buy a Stove (Requires: $350)

Cook bacon and eggs on a stove (Requires: 5 mins, $27)

Eat bacon and eggs (Requires: 10 mins)

Wash the dishes

Search bookshelf (Requires 2h 41 mins (2LPs to skip))

Buy a toaster (Requires $750)

Cook cheese and tomato on toast

Eat cheese and tomato toast (Requires: 10 mins)

Invite a Sim over

Cook burgers on a stove (Requires: 20 mins)

Call a Sim to the meal

You’re now level 7 + 1LP (Total 6LPs)

Rest your eyes on a couch (Requires: 5 mins)

Grow some carrots (Requires: 5 mins)

Watch a documentary on TV (Requires:  1 hour)

Make a double shot of coffee (Requires: $750, 1 min)

Grow a Simoleon Sprout




Quick rinse in the shower (Requires: 1 min)

Get 2 Sims in one house

Have a Sim ‘be romantic’ with another Sim (Requires: 1 min)

Make espresso (Requires: 20 secs)

Flirt with another Sim (Requires: 5 mins)

Form a ‘budding romance’ (keep being romantic with each other until your friendship meter turns to ‘budding romance’)

Have 2 Sims watch a movie together (Requires: 2 hours)

Form a ‘dating relationship’ (keep being romantic with each other until your friendship meter turns to ‘dating relationship’)

Make a Sim kiss another Sim on the cheek

Send a Sim home

Have a catnap (Requires: 30 mins)

Have 2 Sims in the same house

Be romantic to another Sim

Become Partners (keep being romantic with each other until your friendship meter turns to ‘partners’)


Buy 2 roses (Required $200 ($100 each)

Get engaged (Free Eternity ring acquired)

Propose Marriage

Call about engagement (Required: 4h 30 mins (use 4LP to skip)

Make 2 engaged Sims move in together

Have 3 Sims in the same house

Get Married – Woohoo! And be Romantic until you get the option to “Get Married”






Be nice to a Sim (Requires: 1 min)

Expand or create a room (Requires: ~$172)

Spend $450 on wallpapers and flooring

Read ‘Better farms and cradles’ magazine (Requires: £600 for magazine pile, 7 mins)

Have a double shot of coffee(Requires: 1 min)

Watch Dr. Cots on TV (Requires: 20 mins)

Build the Children’s Store – Add New Sim to your town so you have 4 Sims. You don’t need to build a new house – you should see one of your houses’ icons flashing with a green bubble with a picture of a silhouette of a person. Click on it and click Add Sim.

Now build the Children’s Store (Requires: 1h 15 mins, $1,000, 4 Sims (use 1LP to complete))

Buy a crib (a ‘cot’) (Requires $2,000)

Add a baby (Requires: 24 hours or 23 LPs)