Samsung Good Lock (2020) One UI 2.1 – Clockface

Samsung Good Lock in One UI 2.1 has many new and exciting features since the ONE UI 1 days. This video I will take you through Clockface which can be added to the Good Lock suite. If you want to see all the Good Lock features either watch the full video here or select from one of the apps down below.

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Good Lock One UI 2.1 has 2 categories: “Unit” and “Family”. Not sure why they have those names but these are the apps that are available:

I have split this video into separate videos which are listed below:

Unit Apps

LockStar – used to customise your phone’s lock screen.
QuickStar – allows you to customise your Quickpanel.
Task Changer – configure the task switching screen
Clockface – pick a clock style you like
MultiStar – an enhanced multiwindow experience
NavStar – create and customise your own navigation bar
Home Up – an enhanced One UI Home experience
NotiStar – a new notification management service

Family Apps

Theme Park – create a custom theme on your phone
Nice Catch – log all phone notification to find out what’s causing your phone to vibrate etc.
One Hand Operation + – control your phone/tablet easier with one hand
EdgeLighting + – offers various additional Edge Lighting effects
EdgeTouch – prevent unintentional touches by limiting the touch area of the screen
SoundAssistant – advanced sound utility to splitting sounds from apps and more

I really like Clockface Good Lock. It has many features which I find myself using daily. My favourite features have to be MultiStar and One Hand Operation+. Being able to split any app into a split-screen mode is really handy (rather than being restricted to just apps that ‘support it out the box’.

So let me know what you think down below, do you have a favourite Good Lock app? What do you now find you can’t live without?

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