Lenovo Legion Phone Unboxing Pro/Duel and First Look

The Lenovo Legion Pro/Duel Phone is finally out and I’ve imported one from China to take a look at it. This video is part of a series including the initial Lenovo Legion Phone unboxing, camera test, battery test and more coming very soon!

If you have any questions regarding this phone please leave a comment down below and I’ll try and answer it for you.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Opening box
00:57 Unwrapping phone
01:10 Overview of the phone
02:27 First boot & specs
04:29 What’s in the box?
04:56 Power adaptor
05:28 Included case/leaflets
06:21 Phone case application

Music: ‘8 Bit Beginning!’ Slow Chill Game Music by HeatleyBros