Xbox Game Pass Gameplay Review Razer Kishi/Glap/Moga

Xbox Game Pass was officially released yesterday and now all Android owners are able to play their favourite Xbox games in the palm of their hands! This video is a Game Pass gameplay review of the new service and how various controllers work with Game Pass. Does Bluetooth input lag make enough difference that you should consider the Razer Kishi or the Moga XP5-A/X? This video will hopefully answer those questions.

Let me know what you think down below about this Xbox Game Pass Gameplay Review. Did you think the lag/latency was OK? Does Bluetooth make that much of a difference in a streaming service such as Game Pass? Are you thinking of coming over to Android from iOS? Why am I so bad at driving games? So many questions…

Below are some affiliate links which will direct you to whichever controller you wish to pick up.

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Moga: XP5-A (Orange)
Moga: XP5-X (Green Xbox edition)

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The Moga XP5-X: (Green Xbox edition)
Moga XP5-A: Out of stock

Moga XP5-A/X Review
Razer Kishi Review
Glap Play Review
Glap VS Razer Kishi

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