Lenovo Legion Phone Camera Test/Review

Here’s a proper review of the Lenovo Legion Phone Camera Test. First up we’ll be taking a look at the photos that the phone can produce. First are some daylight photos, macro photos and then some Night Mode shots. This is followed by some 4K video recording at 30FPS with the rear-facing cameras. After that we try out the front-facing 20MP selfie camera and some of the ‘fun’ modes you can play around with.

Overall I’m really impressed with how this phone functions as a camera for a ‘gaming phone’.

Let me know what you think down below of this Legion Phone Camera Test and be sure to subscribe to join me on the Live Q&A session soon!

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Daytime Photos (Standard photo VS 64MP HD)
03:33 Macro photos
04:22 Night Mode photos
06:12 Night Video Recording
08:45 Rear camera 4K 30FPS
11:42 Rear wide-angle 4K 30FPS
13:17 Video digital zoom test
14:13 Dual Camera Mode
14:45 Dual Mode Camera Effects
18:06 Front camera 1080p (landscape)
20:11 Front camera 1080p (protrait)
21:24 Slow Mo Video Recording
22:55 Final thoughts


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