Gamesir G4 Pro Review Wireless Gaming Controller

Today we’re going to take a look at the new Gamesir G4 Pro wireless gaming controller in this review! I’ll go through the unboxing, the manual, initial look and feel of the controller and it’s buttons/triggers. We’ll then go through comparing it with the Glap and Xbox controllers, take a look at the removeable ABXY magnet buttons and then test out the vibration motors on the PC.

After this is some gameplay footage of Fortnite, Sonic the Hedgehog (to test the D-Pad) and then some Xbox Game Pass gameplay of Golf With Friends.

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00:00 Unboxing
02:43 User Manual
03:25 Controller overview
04:19 Phone clamp
04:56 Mode buttons
05:51 RF Dongle
06:09 Comparison to Glap controller
08:21 Comparison to Xbox controller
08:52 Removeable magnet buttons
09:58 Phone clamp measurements
10:41 Gamepad Tester – Buttons
11:36 Gamepad Tester – Analogue Sticks
12:51 Testing on a PC
13:30 Vibration motor test
14:44 Fortnite Test (analogue test)
18:01 Sonic the Hedgehog (d-pad test)