Google Pixel 5 Review – Camera, Battery Life, PUBG, Fortnite

I’ve been using the Google Pixel 5 for nearly 2 weeks now and here’s my full review. I’ll go through the camera, battery life and some gaming tests for Google’s latest handset.

Some people have complained about the Snapdragon 765G processor which I personally think is still performing absolutely fine. I haven’t noticed any slow-down or lag in comparison to my S20 Ultra. I’ve put some timecodes down below so you can skip to the relevant sections of the video.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 What’s in the box?
00:54 Phone build and specs
02:10 Phone design
03:14 Battery life
03:42 Camera Photos
04:53 Rear 4K Video
05:35 Front-facing 1080p Video
06:13 Ultrawide 4K Video
06:55 Gaming – COD Mobile
07:25 Gaming – Fortnite
07:56 Gaming – Genshin Impact
08:26 Gaming – PUBG
09:04 Negatives – Speaker
10:24 Negatives – Software Glitches
10:49 Negatives – Notification volume
11:26 Negatives – Rear fingerprint scanner
12:34 Final thoughts