Realme 7 5G Battery Drain Test – PUBG, COD, Genshin Impact

The Realme 7 5G Battery Drain Test – The 7 5G packs a tasty 5000mAh battery which is said to give ‘all day’ battery life. Let’s see how long the phone can last through a long gaming session! The games being played here are: COD Mobile, Xbox Game Pass (Cyberpunk), Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends.

This is a sped-up version of the Live stream I did which you can still view here:

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Watch the Realme 7 5G Speed Test here

Watch the Realme 7 5G camera test here

Full results:
COD Mobile 100 – 85 (1h 7min) (15% drain)
YouTube 85 – 77 (1h) (8% drain)
Xbox Game Pass 77 – 65 (1h) (12% drain)
YouTube 65 – 54 (11% drain)
Genshin Impact 54-29 (25% drain)
PUBG Mobile 29-12 (17% drain)
Mobile Legends 12 – 6 (30 min) (6% drain)
COD Mobile 6- 1

6h 53min total!

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00:00 Intro & Specs
01:09 Battery Draining
04:21 Drain Results
05:22 Final Screen on Time
06:09 Final Thoughts


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