How to Play Android Games with Keyboard & Mouse – PUBG Mobile Wormhole

Do you wish you could play your Android Games with a Keyboard and Mouse? Well now you can thanks to Wormhole for Android. This app allows you to connect your phone to your PC or Mac and use your keyboard and mouse in any game you like!

In this video I’ll go through the initial installation and setup and also how to configure Wormhole for different games including PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Genshin Impact. You can of course use this for any game or app as you wish.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Installation
05:54 PUBG Setup
14:46 PUB Gameplay
18:31 COD Mobile Setup
20:13 Genshin Impact Setup
21:48 Final Thoughts

Wormhole can be downloaded from the following site:

If you have a gamepad you’d rather use then check out Panda Gamepad Pro here

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