Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 – Genshin Impact FPS Benchmark Galaxy S21

Today we’re doing an FPS benchmark with Genshin Impact on the Exynos 2100 vs the Snapdragon 888. Can the Mali G78 beat the Adreno 660? Let’s find out! Throughout this test you’ll be able to monitor the median (average) FPS, the average CPU usage as well as a live FPS graph. You’ll also see the system temperature for each phone.

Check out GameBench for yourself:

I did this test using a gamepad so my fingers weren’t interfering with the screen. This did however produce what looks like lag sometimes when rotating the camera. I tried doing it as smoothly as possible but it still just prefers having a finger to rotate things.

00:00 Intro
01:17 Lowest 60FPS
06:04 Lowest Results
06:31 Medium 60FPS
11:11 Medium Results
11:38 Highest 60FPS
16:28 Highest Results
17:21 Final Thoughts

Note I understand that, at the time of publishing this video, Power Saving Mode could potentially lead to better performance. Power Saving Mode was not enabled during these tests.

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