RedMagic 6R Emulator Test – EggNS, Citra, Delta Touch, PPSSPP, Dolphin

The RedMagic 6R is one of the cheapest Snapdragon 888 phones on the market which makes it an ideal choice for emulator fans. Equip yourself with a decent Android controller and you’ve got a fantastic portable gaming machine. Today I’m going through a few minutes on each emulator so you can get an idea as to hoe the RedMagic 6R can perform.

Check out the Nubia RedMagic 6 on their website:

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The emulators are as follows:

EggNS – Nintendo Switch emulator
Citra – 3DS emulator
Delta Touch – Doom 3 emulator
PPSSPP – PSP emulator
ePSXe – PS1 emulator
Dolphin – GameCube and Wii emulator
Redream – Dreamcast emulator

00:00 Intro
01:19 EggNS – Diablo 3
02:47 EggNS – Resident Evil 0
04:24 Redream – Rayman 2
05:56 Redream – Power Stone 2
07:26 Citra – New Mario Bros 2
08:52 Citra – Majoras Mask
10:19 Dolphin – Mario Kart Double D
11:51 Dolphin – Zelda Windwaker
13:21 Dolphin – Super Mario Bros Wii
14:53 Dolphin – Sonic Colors
16:24 ePSXe – Crash Bandicoot 3
17:55 ePSXe – Tekken 3
19:26 PPSSPP – God of War
20:47 PPSSPP – Tekken 6
22:17 Delta Touch – Doom 3
23:45 Final Thoughts

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