Mantis Gamepad Pro New Update – Easy on-phone activation!

Mantis Gamepad Pro has a new update out and you can now activate it without a PC or second phone! Play any game you want with your controller and with the new features such as MOBA Cast, Gesture Support and Sequence Buttons, you can now play literally any game you can think of!

In this video I’ll go through the basic setup in COD Mobile, see how League of Legends Wild Rift will work with the MOBA Cast feature and also go through using it in PES 2021.

I’ll then go through all the common troubleshooting steps in case you have any issues setting up. Any questions? Let me know down below.

00:00 Intro
01:06 Activate Mantis
05:13 Re-activating after reboot
06:09 Basic Controls Setup
09:02 Press to Hold Setup
10:55 Order Button Setup
12:31 MOBA Smart Cast Setup
15:09 PES 2021 Setup
17:04 Troubleshooting Steps
20:15 Final Thoughts

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How do I know I won’t get banned with this app?

With Mantis (and any other keymappers which use Universal Touch Mapping), it’s nearly impossible for an App/Game to detect whether Touch Mapping is being executed.


  • Because although Overlays can be detected, the Overlay running apps’ identity cannot be. Hence it’d be harsh for a game to ban their user for just this as there are plenty of legit Overlay use cases.
  • Because the Touch Mapping is just Emulated Touch Injection and no different to actual touches. Again making it undetectable.
  • USB Debugging detecting is easy but can be enabled on the device for multiple use cases. Again not at all conclusive enough.

And Companies do not ban users unless they are 99% sure about the unwanted activities. Banning even a single account wrongly leads to massive PR issues.