Gamesir T4 Mini Review, Unboxing and FREE Giveaway!

Here’s my Gamesir T4 Mini Review, unboxing and FREE giveaway! Instructions on how to enter are in the video.

The Gamesir T4 Mini is the latest gamepad/controller from Gamesir and supports Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. In this video we’ll be doing an unboxing and review of it to see how it performs. We’ll check out the analogue sticks for and deadzones in Gamepad Tester and also see how well the controller responds via its Bluetooth connection.

00:00 Intro
00:42 Unboxing
01:38 Overview of controller
03:35 User Manual
04:11 Pairing in Android
04:55 Changing LED colours
06:30 Gamepad Tester
08:55 Vibration Test
09:58 Xbox Game Pass Test
10:49 COD Mobile Test
11:49 D-Pad Test
12:18 Turbo Function
13:27 Windows PC Test
14:41 Final Thoughts
15:22 Competition!

The winner will be announced on 10th December 2021! If I don’t get a response from the winner we’ll move on to the next person. Good luck!

If you want to pick up a Gamesir T4 Mini then you can use the below affiliate link:

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