Backbone Controller Review for Android, Xbox Game Pass, Remote Play

The Backbone Controller is now available for Android so let’s review it and see whether it really is worth all the hype (and cost). In this video we’ll go over the look and feel of the controller and its buttons – test it out with some cloud gaming, Android gaming and Xbox Remote Play.

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Unboxing
01:50 Look & Feel
02:27 Connectivity
03:09 Controls overview
04:13 Analogue Stick Travel
04:54 D-Pad
05:54 Face Buttons
06:29 Bumper Buttons
07:13 Analogue Triggers
07:59 Start/Select Buttons
08:49 Phone Case Support
09:20 Inserting Phone
09:59 Backbone App
10:59 Gamepad Tester App
12:42 Xbox Cloud Gaming
15:28 Capture Modes
15:49 COD Mobile
17:03 Additional Settings
17:28 Xbox Remote Play
18:38 3.5mm Headset Test
19:06 Final Thoughts

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