S24 Ultra vs S24 Plus vs S22 Ultra vs S23 Ultra Battery Drain Test

This is a battery drain test between the S24 Ultra vs S24 Plus vs S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra! All phones have a 5,000mAh battery except for the S24 Plus which comes with a 4,900mAh battery. We’ll run through a series of apps and tests to get these phones from 100% to 0% – which phone will come out on top and will it help you make up your mind whether to upgrade or not?

00:00 Intro
00:50 Call/Standby Test
02:06 4K Video Recording
03:02 4K Video Encoding
03:36 Google Maps
04:45 Twitter (X)
05:14 TikTok
05:31 Instagram Reels
06:01 Genshin Impact
06:32 YouTube
06:58 PUBG
07:17 Prime Video
07:28 Final Results

Results Table (all tests were run for 60 minutes unless otherwise stated). Don’t forget the 8 Gen 3 and 2400 did their Standby test first hence why they’re showing 100% on line 2.

Exynos 22008 Gen 18 Gen 28 Gen 3Exynos 2400
Phone Call9797989797
4K Video (30 mins)8382888988
4K Render7375848583
Google Maps6156737774
Instagram2516 to 0485849
Genshin Impact6 to 0254027
YouTube15 to 03320
Prime Videoto 0to 0
Total Time8h 25m7h 33m9h 58m13h 18m10h 57m
Results from the Test

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Note that the first time I ran this benchmark there was a power cut in my town so I lost the recording and had to restart (the results above). If you’re interested in the previous test results (up to around where the power went off then I’ve included them below). There are a few differences – the phone call was just 30 mins and there was no testing of Google Maps. I also ran apps in a different order but the same applies with the Standby/Phone call being swapped around (with their results in the table).

Exynos 22008 Gen 18 Gen 28 Gen 3Exynos 2400
4K Video (30 mins)?????
4K Render7780888988
Phone Call (30 mins)7577858685
First test run-through – incomplete due to a power-cut

Watch the Benchmark Test here

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Watch the S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra Speed Test

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