DoubleLocker Android ransomware on the loose

Some new ransomware is doing the rounds so it’s good to have a heads-up about it.

DoubleLocker is similar in vain to CryptoLocker or the more recent WannaCry ransomware which crippled various computer systems earlier this year.

Basically, clicking on a dodgy link to try and download an Android version of Adobe Flash Player (hello, who on earth would do that?) will download the virus. Once you click to install the fake app the program requests Administrative permissions. It then sets itself as the default Home application. So when you press the home key on your phone you’ll activate the encryption of all your data using AES-256 encryption 🙁

If you don’t want to get this ransomware then just be sensible:

(a) don’t try and install Adobe Flash Player on an Android phone
(b) don’t install anything you aren’t 100% sure about that isn’t from the Play Store
(c) even apps in the Play Store can be dangerous – make sure to read reviews and make sure you don’t install a ‘clone’ app