Razer Kishi vs Glap Controller Android Test and Review

So you’re looking for a new controller/gamepad and can’t decide whether to go for the Razer Kishi vs Glap Play? Well this video is for you as I compare each controller and put it through its paces in the Gamepad Tester app. The Gamepad Tester app allows you to test how precise each controller’s analogue sticks are. If you want to see my original unboxing and review of each controller then the links are below.

Both controllers can be brought on Amazon with the following affiliate links:

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Pros and Cons of each controller:

Kishi Pros:
Powered by your phone – no need to charge
Can charge your phone whilst playing
Sound vents allow the sound from your phone to be channelled towards you
Very nice analogue sticks – on-par with an official Xbox One controller
Better placement of the trigger/bumper buttons
No input lag as it uses a direct USB C connection

Kishi Cons:
Can’t be used as a USB controller
Your phone must have a USB C connector which must be central
Must take your phone’s case off before using

Glap Pros:
Can charge the controller whilst playing
Can be used as a USB controller
Better d-pad than the Kishi
Better face buttons (A,B,X,Y) than the Kishi
Nicer trigger buttons
Fits almost every phone

Glap Cons:
You have to charge the controller as it’s Bluetooth
Can’t charge your phone whilst playing
Analogue sticks slightly ‘looser’ feeling than the Kishi

Original Razer Kishi Unboxing and Review

Original Glap Play Unboxing and Review

Let me know what you think down below about the Razer Kishi vs Glap controller. Which one would you prefer if you were going to get one? Are you going to get one? If you enjoyed this video, please click Like and Subscribe to my channel for more! 😊 https://www.youtube.com/AndroidAddicts?sub_confirmation=1

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