Lenovo Legion Phone Battery Charge Test Pro/Duel

The Lenovo Pro/Duel Phone comes with 2x 2,500mAh batteries giving you a total of 5,000mAh to play with. That and the Snapdragon 865+ processor makes this one of the fastest and most powerful phones currently on the market. Welcome to this Legion Phone Battery Charge Test!

In this video we’ll be testing out the dual charging system which allows you to charge your phone with up to 90W of power (depending on which version of the phone you have). I have the 12GB 128GB version which has a maximum charge speed of 65W. Even still, the phone comes with the 90W dual port charger in the box so let’s see how blazingly quick this phone is to charge up!

Whilst you’re here you’ll probably want to check out the battery drain test as well – let’s just say it performs rather well…

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