PUBG New Era Ultra HD Gameplay – Legion Phone

PUBG New Era (Erangel) map launched yesterday and we’re going to take a look at the Ultra HD Graphics update and check out the Extreme framerate on the Lenovo Legion Phone. We’ll also activate Rampage mode and see if that makes any difference to the gameplay.

Please note I’m not saying my gameplay in PUBG is extreme – just the framerate and graphics 😅

New Era runs as smooth as butter on the Lenovo Legion Phone. It gets 60FPS with 144HZ and it looks stunning and that’s on HDR with Extreme Framerate set. At Ultra HD and Ultra Framerate we get a fixed 40FPS – which is still smooth and very playable.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Ultra HD + Ultra Framerate (40FPS) + Anti-Aliasing
02:47 PUBG New Era Power Plant
04:31 HDR with Extreme Framerate (60FPS)
08:13 PUBG New Era Quarry
10:44 Ultra HD + Ultra Framerate (40FPS) + Water Reflection
14:42 Final review

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