Gamesir X3 Controller Unboxing and Review + Cooler Testing

The new Gamesir X3 Unboxing Controller is out and the 2022 version comes with a built-in active cooler! In this video we’ll do an unboxing and review of the controller. The X3 comes with interchangeable accessories so you can switch your analogue sticks, d-pad and even the face buttons. We’ll also be putting the active cooler to the test with Genshin Impact to see exactly how much it helps when playing high-end games.

If you want to purchase the Gamesir X3 you check out the official Gamesir site below:

If it’s out of stock you can also order from AliExpress (affiliate link)

00:00 Intro
00:38 Unboxing
01:38 User Manual
02:03 Look at the Controller
03:22 Ergonomics
04:34 The buttons
06:02 Analogue sticks
06:38 Accessories
07:13 Changing analogue sticks
08:47 Changing the D-pad
09:35 Changing face buttons
10:52 Magnet test
11:54 Adjusting cooler position
12:49 Charging your phone
14:41 Testing the controls
15:45 Switching to X-Input Mode
16:50 Genshin Impact Mapping Controls
19:37 Cooler Testing
21:05 Cooler fan noise
22:47 Covering the fan
24:36 Dead Cells X-Input Mode
25:49 Xbox Console Streaming
27:16 EggNS Cuphead
28:44 Final Thoughts

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