Galaxy S22 Ultra June Benchmark – Exynos 2200 vs Snapdragon 8G1

The June update has finally come out on the S22 Ultra for both the Exynos 2100 and the Snapdragon 8G1 so let’s see if there have been any improvements since last month. I’ll be doing the test as before so be sure to use the timecodes if you wish to skip to any particular section.

As always let me know what your scores are in the comments below so we can all compare!

00:00 Intro
00:57 GeekBench CPU
01:28 GB CPU Results
02:24 GeekBench Compute
02:46 GB Compute Results
03:17 AnTuTu Benchmark
04:09 AnTuTu Results
04:46 AnTuTu Stress Results
08:22 Sling Shot Extreme
09:10 Sling Shot Results
10:08 Wild Life Extreme Stress
10:55 Wild Life Results
11:16 Battery Life

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