Android Oreo 8 beta sign-up coming through Samsung Members App

Rumour has it that Samsung is getting ready to launch its beta build of Oreo to the Galaxy S8 line and Note 8 over the coming months for members using the Samsung Members App.

This app is freely available through the Google Play Store right here: Samsung Members App Download

It’s not clear when the rollout starts but it’s apparently hitting the UK from today along with North America and South Korea.

I’ve registered my S8 to see if I can get into the Beta somehow and will update if I hear anything further.

Android Oreo will bring features such as:

  • Faster boot times (“twice as fast”)
  • New autofill options (LastPass anyone?)
  • Better audio (supporting hi-quality Bluetooth audio codec)
  • Android Instant Apps (use apps through the web browser without installing them)
  • Picture in Picture mode (PiP for apps such as YouTube and Duo – this kind of thing has been around on Samsung phones since the Note 3 at least)