Gamesir G8 Galileo Review – Android Controller with Hall Effect Sticks!

The G8 Galileo is the latest Android controller from Gamesir which has Hall Effect Sticks and Triggers. With USB C charging pass-through and a 3.5mm headphone socket is this the perfect Android controller? Let’s find out!

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Unboxing
01:06 Instructions
01:26 Phone cases
02:10 Controller Design
03:28 Changing the sticks
04:39 Compared to X2 Controller
05:29 Gamepad Tester App
06:14 Disabling Analogue Triggers
06:54 Turbo Function
07:12 Changing AB/XY
07:35 Assigning Mappable Buttons
08:36 Gamesir App
09:16 Genshin Impact Gameplay
09:50 Switching Gamepad Modes
10:09 Dead Cells Gameplay
10:47 Palworld Xbox Cloud Gaming
11:44 Rocket League Xbox Remote Play
12:20 Mobile Legends Gameplay
12:54 Firmware Updates
13:15 Final Thoughts

Watch the Benchmark Test here

Watch the Gaming Test here

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